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Utah & North Carolina Driver Certified
New Mexico and Utah Vehicle Inspected
Anderson Trucking Steerman Course
Kansas  Superload  Certified
CDL "A" Double & Triples
Georgia  Amber  Lights
Nevada Amber Lights
TWIC  card
Height Pole 

$1,000,000 Progressive insurance
Electronic Logbook
Real Time GPS Position

Bennett, Comdata, Landstar, ATS - Sentinel,
E.W. Wylie.

Scaly Mountain, NC


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Clicking here takes you to a video of a wind energy site under construction in Mountainair, NM.

These videos are of a superload that was 14'8" high, 14'6" wide, and 240' long.
Gross weight with the pusher truck was 480,000 pounds! Load originated at GE in Atlanta, GA destined
 for South Carolina Power and Gas, Charleston, SC.  It took almost 2 hours to get out of the GE
 parking lot onto a 2 lane back road. When we arrived at the power plant on a Wednesday
 they had no crane and weren't expecting us until Monday! We did get a crane the
 next day. The rig had to be backed in almost 1/2 mile.

The  empty rig was 187,000 pounds and over
 dimension, which still needed the pusher
 and both escorts to return to
Beyel Brothers Crane and
 Rigging in Cocoa, FL.

Average fuel consumption was 1.9 mpg
while loaded for each truck.

The quality of these clips is low, a better camera is in the planning.

This video is the empty rig pulling into the Beyel Brothers
Crane and Rigging storage yard.

Click here to view the video of the rig parked in a rest area. There
wasn't enough space so the pusher was unhooked.

Here you see the rig leaving the rest area.

At the destination backing.

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